Covid-19 Updates cases , positivity rises freshly from 13.39 percent To 14.50 percent

covid 19- cases in india :ninety five per cent of India’s eligible adult population has been administered the first dose of covid -19 vaccine  while 74 per cent are fully inoculated.

New Delhi:
India’s daily covid -19 update curve showed additional marginal improvement as the country reported as 2.34 lakh cases today, taking the total to 4.10 crore. The active cases of covid-19 at now are 4.59 per cent of the total infections. Coronavirus updates.

covid-19 case updates

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Covid-19 Updates in India:

 1 . Covid-19 The daily positive causes are 13.39 per cent while the weekly positive causes was recorded at 16.40 per cent. As many as 893 people have died of covid during the past 24-hour period,according to health ministry

 2. Across the country the ongoing covid vaccination drive is 165,70 crore vaccine does have been administered so far over 75 per cent of the country’s adult population is now fully vaccinated against COVID-19

3. Maharastra,is the one of the worst-hit states, in daily infections seen decline with 27,971 new cases reported on saturday. this include 85 omicron infections. sixty-one pandemic-related deaths were also registered in the last 24 hours, the health department said

 4. The “Third wave” of coronavirus pandemic seems to be declining in the state and in some cities cases are showing most in Maharastra said by Health Minister Rajesh.

 5. Delhi reported fresh 14,483 covid-19 causes. The rate of positivity is 7.41 per cent and 28 deaths, According to the city health department . By this  the national cases count has increased to 18,23,815 and the number of deaths to 25,797 the least stated by health bullelt’n.

 6. In the south kerala 50,812 new infections and eight covid-19- related deaths. Taking the infection count to 59,31,945 and the death count to 53,191. There are 3,33,447 active cases in the state  and 1,629 patient are hospitalized. Kerala tested 1,15,898, samples in the last 24 hours.

 7. In karnataka death increade related to covid-19 cases are 50-70 while there are 33,332 fresh covid-19 infections. The Health department said that taking caseload and fatalities to 37,57,031 and 38,874 respectivly.

 8. Except  Mizorm covid cases have dipped i rest of Northeast. The north eastter states recorded 2,143 new cases taking active 14,608, in the last 24 hours. The state also rerported four deaths in the last 24 hours

 9. One-crore covid -19 cases in Indis’s surpassed on December19,20220. It crossed the grim milkstone of two crore on May4 and Three crore  in june23.

 10. Two millon daily covid 19 cases in the World recorded on average between January 1 and 7 with figures doubling in 10 days. The virus has killed over 5.4 Million people Since the out break emerged in China in December2019 said by the News Agency AFP. form more information

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