Car Sinks into water in Mumbai: Video Goes viral

News from Mumbai: A video of a car sinking into the well water which was covered with concrete cement all over in Mumbai following the hole in the concrete floor on which it was parked went viral platforms on Sunday.

A parked car in Mumbai’s Ghatkopar area sank into a sinkhole in dramatic fashion amid heavy rains in the city.

car sinking in sinkhole in Mumbai Ghatkopar

This occurrence took place in Ghatkopar West in a residential society on Cama Lane on Sunday morning, police said, adding to the matter that there was nobody in the luckily no one was injured in the incident. “The housing residential society had covered a well surrounded with reinforced concrete cement and residents were using the area to park their cars for longer time.

Amid Heavy Rains In Mumbai Car sinks in water

A unit from the local police as well as the traffic police reached the spot and took out the car from the water body. The spot has been cordoned for the safety and security of the residents,” the official from the BMCs added.

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As per the reports, the residential society had covered an old well with reinforced concrete to use it as a parking place. The concrete washed away due to the rain which resulted in the car sinking in the hole made by rain water, and drowning completely.

No casualties have been reported so far as there was no one in the car or near by.

The residents of the society were reportedly not aware of the presence of the well, and questions have been raised over the BMC and local authorities and officials for failing to prevent the society from covering up the well in such a manner.

When the construction was started the well was covered and the people who are living the residential society were not aware of the well yet, due to the rain the concrete cement got weaker and couldn’t handle the weight of the car so it broken down and the well came into the notice of the residents.

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