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NEW DELHI: BJP member Sushil Kumar Modi on Monday said that certain left-liberal people as well as activists are making efforts to get legal sanctity for same-sex marriage and urged the government to strongly oppose any such attempt.
Raising the issue during the Zero Hour, he also urged the judiciary not to give any order which is against the cultural ethos of the country.
In India, certain left-liberal people and some activists are making efforts for getting legal recognition for same-sex marriage, he said.
Vehemently opposing their intent, he highlighted the importance of the institution of marriage in the country.
“In India, same-sex marriage is neither recognised nor accepted in any uncodified personal law like the Muslim Personal Law or any codified statutory laws.Same sex marriage would cause complete havoc with a delicate balance of personal laws in the country,” the MP observed.
The BJP leader said two judges cannot decide on such an important social issue and demanded a debate in Parliament as well as society at large.
He urged the government to strongly argue against same-sex marriage in court.
Meanwhile, YSRCP member Vijay Sai Reddy demanded setting up of a drone research institute in Visakhapatnam.
He noted that drones are very useful, especially for agriculture, defence and logistics sectors.
Reddy said about 65 per cent of people in Andhra Pradesh are engaged in agriculture.
Raghav Chadha of the AAP said people from Punjab are living in many countries, but air connectivity from Punjab to those countries was not adequate.
Harnath Singh Yadav of the BJP highlighted that five crore cases are pending in various courts and urged the government to take steps to ensure timely justice to people.


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