BJP MLA Ram Kadam on ‘Pathaan’ song ‘Besharam Rang’ row: It seems the makers are deliberately maintaining silence because they want cheap publicity – Exclusive – Times of India


Earlier today, BJP MLA Ram Kadam reacted to the ‘Pathaan’ song controversy. In a series of tweets in Hindi, Kadam maintained that no film insulting Hindutva will be tolerated. In conversation with ETimes, he further questioned why the makers of the film are silent over the objections raised by the Hindu Sadhus, freedom of expression and more.

Clarifying his stand Kadam said, “If you read my tweet, I did not mention that we are asking ban on Pathaan. I just said that we are the Hindu ideology government in Maharashtra and we will definitely not tolerate any kind of film or serial which is going to hurt Hindu sentiments and we will definitely not allow them to release. This is my clear stand.”

“The producer and director should come forward and clarify their stand against the objectionable points raised by Hindu Sadhus and organizations. When there is an outrage by these Sadhus and Saints, none of the authorities are coming forward and clearing their stand,” he added.

Further questioning the lyrics of the song, Kadam asked what the song implies and mentioned Deepika’s participation in the protests at the JNU campus ahead of the release of ‘Chhapaak’. “When they are calling Besharam Rang, which ‘rang’ (colour) are they calling ‘besharam’? Is saffron besharam? Is she wearing saffron intentionally? The same actress had gone to the JNU when slogans like ‘
Bharat tere tukde honge‘ were being shouted on the campus. She wanted to promote her film at the same time. It is the same mentality being reflected in this film against Hinduism and against this nation. I am not trying to make any points. I am just trying to observe everything. There may be some other points which when the director will talk about, we will come to know. But why is he silent? When people are raising questions and Sadhus are out on the streets the producer and director are not bothered about it. That means they are deliberately maintaining silence because they want this cheap publicity.”

What about freedom of expression? “Who is denying you freedom of expression? But freedom of expression should not hurt anyone’s sentiments. There’s a thin borderline. We should respect everyone’s sentiments. We are not saying that we are going to ban this film or that film. We are simply saying that if we find anything which is hurting Hindu sentiments in the film, we will definitely ban it. Time and again all these filmmakers are intentionally playing with Hindu sentiments. There are a lot of films. Do you think they have called it Besharam Rang innocently? Our Sadhus and Saints are wearing saffron. I am not concluding myself by hearing one line, ‘Besharam Rang’. That is why I have categorically mentioned in my tweet that they should clarify their stand. Until they don’t clarify their stand we will not come to know what exactly they want to express,” Kadam concluded.


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