BA.2 OMICRON A new form of variant is found of in uk , 426 cases can be seen

Omicron BA.2 a varient under investigation”,with 426 cases  the covid-19 strain,s  lineage conforemed in the Britain


The orginal Omicrons is BA.1  can dominant of BA.2 the cases are currently low but it can effecte very earlier. There is insufficient information to determine whether the BA.2 can cause more sever illnes than BA.1 Omicron. Meningitis

The designation was based on increasing numeber’s domestically and globally.At least 40 countrieshave detected this varient science november 17, 2021. These varient has been found in some places in Denmark, sweden, Philippines, France, Norway, and Singapore.

The Sealt’ version is less likely to evade immunity, according to predicition by the bloom lab. Omicron overtaking pre-existing crona vairus variants like Alpha. Beta and the deadly Delta across the world at a rapid pace . The people who are infected with omicron have the full spectrum of disease every thing like producing or showing no symptons .

kerkove said that people with underlying conditions, people who are unvaccinated can have a sever form of covid-19 infection .

The new name is given to the onicron called steath omicron to the new variant of omicron. pertaining to the fact that it lacks the deletion of spike gene , [protein responsible for mutation and is contagious ]. It know’n as the stealth varient because it can be detected only through genome sequencing and its one of the sub lineages.

According to the reporters and various experts and radiologists worldwide, the current testing kits are designed with highsensitivity and pick up rate to detect all variants.

While omicron has three vaients BA.1, BA.2, BA.3, BA.2 [Stealth omicron] has been recently reported to be a dominant strain across many Europen and Asian countries.

yet there is no evidence of now it can rapid spread and experts thinking that it is unlikely to be turned into pandemic and also vacciens are unable to be ineffective against this variant

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