B.1.525 The Nigerian variant now found in Telangana

B.1.525 variant, So that’s linked to Nigeria, now found in Telangana, But it was first found in the UK in the month of February and now it reached Telangana.

This variant was enlisted by the World Health Organization (WHO) Out of 24 samples 16 samples were found in Telangana, and which was randomly analyzed in the month of April and May.

Not only India but also countries like Australia and Denmark have been linked with the people who were travelling to Nigeria and getting infected by the variant.

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B.1.525 variant is already found and present in more than 50 countries in the whole world. And all those countries are declared as having Six variants of Covid-19. So we need to observe the trend more carefully, if the region is displaying the samples.

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The Senior specialist from Bangalore told that, “however we cannot come to the conclusion on this immediately”

(WHO) The World Health Organization maintains the samples from across the world even on district level. GISAID is the Global Initiative sharing on Avian Influenza. The May data shows that three samples from across the world of variant B1525 collected from the country, from Telangana. Out of 19 samples 13 were found in Telangana.

The data can be much more comprehensive that what is uploaded in the GISAID . This is said by the former director Rakesh Mishra from Centre of Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB).

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