Apple’s new iPadOS 15 what’s the fascinating features.

San Francisco: As Apple’s new iPadOS 15 is gaining mostly all of the new terms and features that were introduced in iOS 15, there are also many updates that Apple has introduced that are developed exclusively for the larger screen of the iPad or have been taken from iOS 14.

Widgets can now be kept anywhere on the iPad’s Home Screen layout, and technically this does not count as an iPadOS feature that’s because it’s something that Apple is bringing over from iOS15, says reports MacRumors.

In the iPadOS 14, users used to have a set spot of their widgets, but when it comes to iPadOS 15, the user can put the widgets anywhere on the home screen, just like they used to do on the iPhone.

Apple app’s Library is the another latest feature that was introduced on the Apple’s iPhone first and it’s a useful change that lets you watch and manage all the apps that the user has installed on their iPad in one spot.

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Multitasking is an iPad exclusive and it’s been improved in iPadOS 15 now.

Apple’s iPadOS 15 What’s New? iPadOS 15 New Features Explained

“Quick Note” is also a new feature in the iPad it’s a good option for the Notes app. 

With the swipes of the Apple’s Pencil, you can open up a Quick Note pad no matter which app you’re into, just swipe for the notes.

You can also make a Quick Note from Control Center or with a keyboard shortcuts as well.

Apple introduced Safari updates too for iOS 15, iPadOS 15 and macOS Monterey so this is not an only feature of iPad, but Safari web has streamlined tab bars and support for Tab Groups so the user can  better organize their tabs.

Now the web extensions are supported in iPadOS, there is a new customizable starts up page and the users can refresh any web page by pulling it down from the top as in mobiles.

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Now Safari also protects users from trackers from accessing their IP addresses, and if you own a paid iCloud account, the new Private Relay feature will encrypt all the activities that your browser does.

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