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TIRUPATI: Orvakal police arrested a local woman who practices traditional medicine as the 4th accused in the sensational double murder case reported at Nannur village in Nandyal district.
It may be recalled Kuruva Rameshwari (26) and Kuruva Renuka (23), daughter in laws of Kuruva Goganna were found brutally murdered near their farmlands at Nannur village in the late hours on Wednesday.
Orvakal police who carried out a detailed investigation in the case, took the father in law Goganna along with his two sons Pedda Govindu and Chinna Govindu into custody for questioning.
According to additional SP (admin) D Prasad, when Pedda Govindu and Chinna Govindu approached a local woman identified as Matam Parvathamma who practices traditional medicine, about two months ago and she planted a suspicion in their minds that they both were made to consume a slow poison formula, possibly laced with their food.
Both Pedda Govindu and Chinna Govindu began suspecting their wives and started to believe that it wad them who plotted to kill them both by slow-poisoning them.
The duo and their father decided to have both Rameshwari and Renuka killed and they were waiting for the right moment. Goganna told his sons that because both their wives could not deliver children even years after their marriages, it was better to get rid of them and promised to get them both re-married.
About a couple of days ago, when the younger daughter in law Renuka was alone at home, some stranger tried to signal her through the window. Chinna Govindu who saw this, tried to catch hold of that person but he managed to abscond away.
It was at this moment that Goganna and his two sons decided to get both Renuka and Rameshwari killed.
On Wednesday, Pedda Govindu and Chinna Govindu took Renuka and Rameshwari to their farmlands in the outskirts of the village and the duo with the help of their father, caned Renuka to death first.
The trio overpowered Rameshwari who tried to resist and eventually strangulated her to death.
The three accused abandoned the bodies at the farmlands and got back home and tried to project the twin murders as an act of some unidentified outsiders, but their plans fell apart when the police took them into custody.
Additional SP D Prasad concluded that the double murders were executed by Goganna and his two sons as a result of suspicion on the two women.


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