10 Hospital’s License to treat COVID-19 patients cancelled Here’s Why

Hyderabad: The Telangana Government had cancelled the License to treat Covid-19 Patients in the following hospitals in Hyderabad.

  • KIMS – Hospital, Secunderabad
  • Sunshine Hospitals, Gachibowli
  • Century Hospitals, Banjara Hills
  • Lotus Hospital, Lakdi ka pul
  • Medisys Hospital, L.B. Nagar
  • Integro Hospital, Tolichowki main road.

Coronavirus News: 10 Hospitals In Hyderabad Lose License Permit To Treat Covid-19 Patients

Coronavirus News: 10 Hospitals In Hyderabad Lose Permit To Treat Covid-19 Patients

So those are the latest list of the newly barred hospitals where the license for the Covid-19 treatment has been cancelled by the Telangana Government. This action has been taken because the number of complaints against the hospital and their treatment. The Telangana Government has barred these hospitals on Tuesday which was 01/06/2021.

So this was the fourth day of cancellation as the other 22 hospitals in all over Telangana had been faced with the wrath of the public and the government by the cancellation of the license to treat the Covid-19 patients.

Out of 174 hospitals, 113 hospitals had been slapped by the government and the license was cancelled by the Telangana Government from last past week. Total number of hospitals has been barred by the government of Telangana is 113 till the date and by the grievance of the people and the patients.

Dr. Rao added, we have added more 8 hospitals in the latest list today that is 02/06/2021 and the total hospitals are 113 in the list. But whereas six hospitals have been barred today on immediate effect.

The Officials have been warned to abide by the prescribed pricing norms.

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The State Government also barred the following hospitals in Telangana as follows:

Neelima Hospital, Max health Hospital, Vinn Hospital, Virinchi Hospital, Sai Siddhartha Hospital, Panchavati Hospital, Ankura Hospital, Sia Life Hospital, Image Hospital, Sri Sai Ram Hospital, Lalitha Hospital, TX Hospital, Max Care Hospital, Lifeline Medicure Hospital, Padmaja Hospital ETC.

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